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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby apong » Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:51 am



A visit to India is good for the soul. It reminds you about fundamental values. That was our observation when we entered the arrival lounge of the Mumbai airport, our first stop en route to our Rajasthan desert drive event.

Mumbai airport is like Jaipur airport and New Delhi airport. All floors are marble or tile or stone. No carpets at all; very practical, economical and easy to maintain.

Then the luggage-push carts. Not a shadow to the luxurious German-made, escalator-capable vehicles that we have in the KLIA but practical India-made equipment, simple but functional, and anyway, no escalators in Mumbai airport for the luggage cart. That's the thing I would also have to say about Made-in-India cars honest values, fundamental features.

India has made slow but significant progress from early days when it embraced modern car technology via the Maruti-Suzuki agreement to make small cars.

In 1991, India reduced its socialist and self-dependence agenda and opened its door to foreign investment and technology. Today, it makes basic but modern compact, sub-compact and medium sized car. It still has the 1960's styled Ambassador cars made by Hindustan Motors and these are the official cars for the Indian Army and the civil service.

Our story begins in India because USF-Hicom's chief executive officer YBhg Datuk William Chong is betting that Made-in-India cars will find a market in Malaysia.

Why India? Why not China? I asked him during our trip to the Rajasthan desert to test the Mahindra Scorpio, the first model that he's going to distribute in Malaysia starting April.

YBhg Datuk William Chong, the DRB-Hicom group's automotive director, sees India as a great source of technology and value-for-money products. He spotted Mahindra, a 50-year-old company whose tractor division won the Deming Prize and that is the world's fifth largest maker of tractors.

Its Multi Purpose Vehicle called the Scorpio is top Indian MPV, far outselling its nearest competitor the Tata Safari. The first batch of the Scorpio for Malaysia will use a Renault 2.0 litre petrol engine.

The Deming Prize is the Nobel Prize of manufacturing companies, awarded in recognition of best quality control. The Deming prize has its origin in 1950 when the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) invited Dr. W. Edwards Deming to Japan where he taught the basic principles of statistical quality control to executives, managers and engineers of Japanese industries. His teachings made a deep impression and provided the impetus in implementing quality control in Japan.

In appreciation, JUSE created a prize to commemorate Dr. Deming's contribution and friendship and to promote the continued development of quality control in Japan. The prize was established in 1950 and annual awards are still given each year. The prize, especially the Deming Application Prize that is given to companies, is a world mark of quality control so let's see if the cars will be as good as the tractors.

For Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, the automotive industry is also about automotive components. It recently started Mahindra USA (MUSA) to enter the business of making auto components for the world's biggest car companies there.

For some perspective of the status of industry in India, here are some recent snapshots about the Indian auto industry:

Bharat Forge has the world's largest single-location forging facility and its clients include Honda, Toyota and Volvo. Hero Honda, the Indian joint venture with an output of 1.7 million motorcycles a year, is now the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

India is the second largest tractor manufacturer in the world and is the fifth largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world.

Ford has just presented its Gold World Excellence Award to India's Cooper Tyres. Aston Martin contracted prototyping of its latest luxury sports car, AM V8 Vantage, to an Indian-based designer and is set to produce the cheapest Aston Martin ever.

Suzuki, which makes Maruti in India, has decided to make India its manufacturing, export and research hub outside Japan. Hyundai India is set to become a global small car hub for the Korean giant and will produce 25,000 Santros to start with. By 2010, it is set to supply half a million cars to Hyundai Korea, Hindustan Motor Industries and Ford.

The prestigious UK automaker, MG Rover, is marketing 100,000 India cars made by Tata in Europe under its own name. India is among three countries in the world that have built Supercomputers on their own name. The other two countries being USA and Japan. India built its own Supercomputers on the US denied India purchasing a Cray computer in 1987.

100 of the Fortune 500 companies are in India compared to 33 in China. Cummins of USA uses its R&D Centre in Pune to develop the sophisticated computer models needed to design upgrades and prototypes electronically and introduce five or six new engines models a year.

copy and paste dari
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby apong » Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:54 am


aboutus_building.gif (39.17 KiB) Viewed 4359 times

DRB-HICOM is one of Malaysia's leading corporations, playing an integral role in the nation's road to industrialization. DRB-HICOM maintains a strong position in the Automotive Manufacturing, Assembly and Distribution industry through its involvement in passenger cars and four wheel drive vehicles market segment, the national truck project and the national motorcycle project; among others.

Besides its leading role in the Automotive industry, the Group's core business focuses also in Services, Property & Infrastructure and Defence sectors. With key interests in the core industries of the Malaysian economy, the Group is well entrenched in the Automotive, Services, Property & Infrastructure and Defense sectors.

The flagship of the Group is undoubtedly the automotive sector, where as the country's single largest integrated automotive player, DRB-HICOM offers a comprehensive suite of services that encompass manufacturing, assembling and distributing operations.

USF-HICOM is a member of the DRB-HICOM Group, a diversified conglomerate and the largest automotive group in Malaysia that is involved in automotive manufacture & distribution, financial services, property, construction and other services.

Established in 1979, USF-HICOM (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (formerly known as United Straits Fuso Sdn Bhd) was the authorized importer, assembler and distributor of the Mitsubishi range of 4x4 vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), commercial vehicles, double-cabs and buses until early 2005.

After the expiry of the Distributorship Agreement with Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC), the Management of USF-HICOM has been taking proactive steps to venture into new businesses via new brand and new model. This derived the management to explore new business prospects, which led the Management to Mumbai, India where they managed to secure the distributorship with Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, India’s biggest maker of sport utility vehicles (SUV) and tractors. The agreement is centered on positioning USF-HICOM as the sole distributor of Mahindra vehicles in Malaysia.

In May 2005, Mahindra Scorpio 2.0l Petrol has been officially launched by YB Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu and later in January the following year, Mahindra Scorpio 2.5l diesel engine has been introduced to the market. With its competitive price and value-added feature, the Scorpios have made their way into the Malaysian market with its own style.

In ensuring that USF-HICOM remains as a leader in automotive business, USF-HICOM has also ventured into distributing and retailing multi brand vehicles. In June 2005, USF-HICOM has been appointed as an Exclusive Distributors for Wald and Ssangyong vehicles. Subsequently in October 2007, USF-HICOM has taken one step ahead by distributing brand new Honda vehicles to Malaysian market. In the initial stage, two models namely Elysion and Stepwgn will be introduced to the market. Other models will be introduced in 2008 which range from the passenger cars to small and medium MPVs. This highly regarded project is aim to give a significant impact to the automotive segment of the small and medium MPVs.

With more than two decades of experience in the automotive business in Malaysia, USF-HICOM is today acknowledged as one of the industry's leaders. Backed by the comprehensive sales network of 8 branches, 30 authorized sales dealers and 4 After-Sales & Service centres, strategically located in Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, USF-HICOM will bounce and strive to maintain its presence as market player in the motor trading industry. Additionally, there are 8 authorized service dealers and parts stockiest in many major towns, offering after-sales services and genuine vehicle spare parts.
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby apong » Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:10 am


From being the ‘Car of the Year’ to scoring the highest in the NFO Customer Survey, the Scorpio has done it all. It can’t be helped that the competition is feeling undone.

* NDTV Profit 'Car n Bike Green Award' for Scorpio Hybrid
* 'Innovation of the Year' Award from AutoCar
* TNS Voice of the Customer Award 2007: SUV-MPV Segment
* Diamond Jubilee Technology Award 2007 for "Development & commercialization of Scorpio"
* Best Creative Print Campaign (NDTV Car and Bike Awards 06)
* Golden Peacock Product Innovation Award by IOD (2006)
* NID Business World Design Excellence Award (2006)
* SP Jain Marketing Impact Award 2004
* Highest Ratings in Total Customer Satisfaction
* Scorpio Overdrive NFO Automotive Study 2003
* EMVIES Gold for Media Innovation-Print
* Scorpio Cavalcade
* EMVIES Gold for Media Innovation-Radio
* EFFIES Silver for Advertising Effectiveness
* Excellence in Marketing and Brand Building
* Indian Express
* India Leadership Summit
* Launch of the year
* Business Standard Brand Derby
* Most successful brand launch of 2003
* Car of the Year 2003
o BBC World Wheels
o CNBC Autocar
o Business Standard Motoring

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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby WARIS » Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:13 am

1st comment about mahindra:

1. Poor plastic workmanship, some portion of the internal does not close perfect fit

2. Poor tinting workmanship (maybe only happen to my car)

3. Poor power at 3rd gear and probably 4th gear, (i am worried if it can go to genting smoothly)

4. Due to its height and weight, it is very sensitive to tyre pressure, slightly out, the car will bump hard

5. The engine sound louder than other 2.0 petrol engine

6. Poor gear swift, if you do not hold the gear stick properly, when u swift to 3rd gear, u might hit the aircond switch

7. small speakers, no bass, only mid and treble, might need to add another pair of 6x9 3 way

8. town drive FC is around 20cent/KM (@RM1.62) (is this good or bad? i am not sure)

9. if you like to overtake cars at bumps, u might not like this car, because u will have to slow down

10. the height of the car makes u feel scary when u go into underground car park, even tough it can clear 2M clearence, but u will feel unsafe.

11. not a car to drive over 120KM/H, because its power steering is too light, and no speed sensing

2nd comment about mahindra:

before u guys starting to fancy it, i would like to add the bad points after 5-6months of ownership

after 3 months, the car start to give funny problem. when driving, the car will suddenly loss power, (if u are driving in highway 100km/h) it will immediately drop to 60km/h and the throttle pedal no more in control (drive by wire). the ECU has taken over the control.

my family was almost hit by a lorry from behind, due to the sudden drop of speed.

this has happend a few times in 2 months time, each time the workshop will tell you it is fixed, and 2-3 weeks the problem will come back.

the distributor insisted that it is under warranty and they will only repair it each time it has a problem.

today, i have stopped driving this unsafe vehicle and the vehicle is sent back to the bank.

now waiting for court case.

good luck.

3rd comment about Mahindra:

latest update.

just talked to another owner, his problem was less than 24 hours collection of his car, the gearbox broke down. took him a few repairs before the gear box was finally changed.

a new car in less than 24 hours.
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby tingau » Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:07 pm

thanks waris.....didnt know that heck of a problem.....i use to admire the rugged looking mahnedra.....hmmmm..... :thumbdown:
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby apong » Mon Oct 12, 2009 6:54 pm

Ya dan betul kepada komen encik waris terhadap Mahindra Scorpio generasi awal yang dibawa oleh USF HICOM iaitu versi petrol 2.0l dan versi 4wd 2.5l. Versi ini memang banyak masalah.. . Saya pun tak mahu beli versi ini...

Mahindra Scorpio telah berevolusi sejak dari awal pengeluarannya pada thn 2003 (klik sini untuk mengetahui evolusi mahindra scorpio) hingga model yang terkini iaitu model 2009...

Saya booking model terkini iaituModel 2009
ini review dr teambhp from indian pro and cons..
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby WARIS » Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:56 am

Other Comments from Mahindra's Customers:

I bought a scorpio VLX in september, they delivered the car to me with a wheel alignment problem and front suspension problem, the cd player doesn’t work properly. Mahindra seriously has a problem with quality service, the car only has 1100kms on it and took it 3 times to the service and they are unable to fix it. I come from USA, i love the car but cmon if they are planning on selling these in USA they better think of something else then the scorpio, the american’s are used to quality not quantity.


Water in fuel tank
Dear Sir,

I ve a brand new Scorpio LX 2008 (TN 02 AE 0682) from GMS automobile and hardly used it for 3000kms when suddenly one day it stopped moving. The service guys arrived one day late and checked the vehicle and said they have problem in diesel tank and need to tow the vehicle...

Faulty fuel pump
Dear sir,
I have purchased a Mhindra Scorpio M2Di model,, Chasis No.MAITBZGCK 72K98419, Engine No.GC74J69689&Reg.No.KL 29A 145 from your dealer TV Sundaram Iyengar&Sons LTD, National Highway, Thiruvampady P.O, Alappuzha, Kerala.After covering 5000KM the vehicle...

Engine Malfunction and Service Centre said No Problem
I have a 2006 Scorpio SLX version (TN-02-V-4623). I was planning for a long distance family trip and so gave my car to "GMS Automobiles" which is an authorized service centre of Mahindra Scorpio. When I used my car at high accelerations, like during an overtake, the engine check light...

fully belt problem
I have scorpio GLx 2.6 car of Mahindra And Mahindra.My problem is around 3-4 times fully get gemmed and belt of the same cut out this was happened whenever i am travelling long distance along with my family . my service station is Sai Service Borivali, Mr.sandeep sawant handels my case.Once...

Mahindra Scorpio M-hawk on 15th Sep 2008
Poor Servicing
Dear All, I purchased a Mahindra Scorpio M-hawk on 15th Sep 2008, thorigh their Sales & Service Dealer M/s. India Garage.

1) Within weeks' time the clutch pedal started making noise. On approaching the dealer they said this is a problem for all Scorpio vehicles. However on the 4th visit, they changed the lubricant for a new one and problem solved.

2) In 2 month's time, the audio panel came out due to malfunction of the locking knob. On reaching the audio repairing service, he took out a dozen of the same panels and told me this is a regular problem.

3) Thereafter a tik-tik sound started coming from the vehicle. In spite of spending many hours at the service centre, this is not rectified.

4) Now one more rubbing sound started coming. First they kept on insisting that there is no sound at all. However after that they found out that the break cable is rubbing against the wheel.

There is no qualified service personnel and they are only doing trial and error methods on our vehicles.
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Teman Setia SF
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby gendu » Wed Oct 14, 2009 5:55 pm

Dlm Malaysia/Sabah, ada org complaint ka pasal problem ini kerita? mau juga baca komplen local pula..
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby WARIS » Fri Oct 16, 2009 7:58 am

Mahindra Scorpio 2.0 (2005) untuk dijual — Mentakab

* Lokasi: Mentakab, Pahang, Malaysia
* Tarikh Disiarkan: September 30
* Harga: RM 27,500

Saya ingin menjual kenderaan Mahindra Scorpio 2.0 yang dibeli pada 2005. Masih dalam keadaan yang sangat baik.

Ciri-ciri kenderaan ini :

Tahun beli : 2005
Warna : Hijau
Status Pemunya : Persendirian
Gear : Manual
Alat Ganti : Mudah dicari di USF-Hicom
Tempat duduk : 7 (selesa)
Lain-lain : Lampu spotlight, besi penghadang hadapan

Tidak pernah terlibat dengan kemalangan. Pemandu sebelum ini seorang pesara kerajaan (bekas pengetua sekolah). Tiada saman yang masih tertunggak. Amat selesa untuk dipandu.

Harga boleh dirunding jika benar-benar berminat.

Hubungi saya Ahmad Wiraputra Bin Selamat di nombor HP 0126784415 atau e-mel

Cerita Kadir (Malaysia)

Saya dah test drive, interior boleh tahan, tapi satu semasa saya test drive hanya bangsa india saja ramai, cina tarak ada, melayu pun tarak.
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Teman Setia SF
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby apong » Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:44 am

When the going gets tough,
Nothing else will do...
DSC01173.JPG (48.41 KiB) Viewed 4280 times
blk pil orvm.jpg
When the going gets tough,
Nothing else will do...
blk pil orvm.jpg (38.62 KiB) Viewed 4283 times
When the going gets tough,
Nothing else will do...
13052009049.jpg (55.98 KiB) Viewed 4280 times
When the going gets tough,
Nothing else will do...
13052009048.jpg (63.81 KiB) Viewed 4279 times
00 08.jpg
When the going gets tough,
Nothing else will do...
00 08.jpg (69.55 KiB) Viewed 4274 times
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Re: Mahindra Scorpio (SUV) fans

Postby WARIS » Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:40 am

Mahindra to fortify DRB-HICOM stable with Scorpio model

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Teman Setia SF
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